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Be a Performer!

Each production requires an 8 - 10 week rehearsal period. Rehearsals are usually two days a week for ensemble roles and three days a week for principal roles. Extra or extended rehearsals are held at director's discretion.

Performers are expected to be committed to meet the demands of producing a high quality show, but the rewards make the time and energy worth it!

Rehearsals are held at the Bravo Studio located in the Grassland area of Franklin at 2227 Hillsboro Road. Performances are usually held at one of two beautiful full working theaters, The Ensworth Theater or Father Ryan Center For the Arts.

To let us know you are interested in becoming a part, please complete the online "Bravo Registration Form" located at the top right of this page. 

Set & Props!

The scenery and props which provide the setting for a play are vital to creating another place and time. Whether you are a carpenter, handy with tools, a painter, willing hand, your help is always needed and welcome. Sets are designed by the lead designers and built by people of all skill levels. Prop makers and gathers can create or scavenge anything from giant hatching eggs to lollipops…it's never dull in props!

The set and prop crew work throughout the rehearsal process to make items particular to the show being staged. We all come together on load in day at the theater and spend 4 to 5 hours assembling everything before the cast arrives for their first onstage rehearsal.


The children and teens love to get their costumes, and the costuming helps the young actor to become the character being portrayed. A Bravo production typically needs between 200 - 300 costumes. Seamstresses are needed to make or alter costumes to fit each cast member.

Hair and Make Up!

Help each character "come to life" by assisting backstage with makeup and hair styling to fit the time period and essence of the show. Time commitment is two or three hours prior to dress rehearsals and performances.

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