Our Staff Involvement

By a Parent
Our Staff Involvement

I think the main reason Bravo is so special is due to the staff's involvement with and understanding of the children.  You guys know these kids inside and out, and what works for them and what doesn't.  I think your ability to connect with and relate to the kids is part of what makes you so unique.  For example:  you know every kid's name, what costume is theirs, what act they are in, where they go to school, things specific to each individual KNOW these kids.  Because you guys give your heart and soul to this theatre, the kids give it their all and the result is this great positive cycle of enthusiasm and enjoyment.  

Your sets, costumes, talent... are first-rate and professional.  In spite of our city being a relatively small one, Bravo does not run a "small-town" theatre.   My friend visiting from in New York who has seen many musicals tens of times even commented how well and professionally-done your performances are.  They are like big-city shows in a not-so big city.  :)  

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